Crypto Bulletpoint #9 – May 6th 2022

Will the Crypto Bleeding stop?

📉Market Movers 📈

  • The trading day started with a lot of blood on the crypto floor, all major coins including Bitcoin are following Nasdaq’s 🌋 worst performance since COVID crash in 2020
  • Web3 infrastructure token GAL Project Galaxy grew 20%+ after get listed on Coinbase and Binance
  • Bitcoin fell below $35,700 in the last 24 hours prompting $400 million in liquidations on crypto-tracked futures
  • Crypto Market touches 2 months low as bulls fail to take control
  • Despite the red market TRX is still up 26% on the weekly thanks to stablecoin launch
  • APE and AXS suffered double digit loss during the market’s downhill
  • Bitcoin price setting below the $36k line as lost almost 12% in 3 days
  • LUNA on Saturday lost further 8%
  • On early hours of Sunday BTC was on the lower $35k region as on chain data shows that the dell off was mainly coming from short term holders
  • It came clear during this weekend that Whales 🐋 🐳 are in selling mode
  • The Central African Republic is now being scrutinized by the International Monetary Fund after making bitcoin legal tender
  • Crypto market nosedived during the weekend to lowest levels in months
  • WhaleStats data shows accumulation for APE, LRC, API3, AUDIO, YFI and FTM
  • LUNA lost 20% on Sunday due to Whales dumping UST
  • BTC to 10 month low as the nosedive continues

📰Today’s News📰

  • According to’s research, while the vast majority of individuals aren’t “fighting” inflation, 14.6% of investors have switched into precious metals, while 4.9% have moved their investments in cryptocurrency 🧯
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has signed a letter to Fidelity Investments expressing her displeasure with the company’s decision to accept Bitcoin on its platform.
  • Terra’s LFG became the second largest BTC holding corporation with 80,393BTC surpassing Tesla that owns just 43200BTC and getting closer to MIcrostrategy with a holding of 129,218BTC
  • OpenSea Discord account was hacked 🌊
  • Cardano’s IOG launches in Beta “Essential Cardano” an open source repository built for the community where we have outlined all the organizations, partners, and groups that are part of the Cardano ecosystem
  • Djed, an algorithmic stablecoin backed by the Shen token on COTI, has launched its public testnet ahead of its mainnet debut in June
  • Robinhood has listed the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) and the Grayscale Ethereum Trust (ETHE)
  • Bill Lee, the creator of the Dogecoin wallet MyDoge, has purchased 25 Fire-Tier versions of BIG3’s Aliens for $625,000, making it the largest commercial Dogecoin transaction in history
  • Several financial experts in Africa are skeptical about Central African Republic’s Bitcoin adoption plan
  • AKT, FLUX and KRL now available for trading at CryptoCom
  • Tron DAO has purchased 504,600,250 TRX for $38.993 million as part of its USDD stablecoin holdings, which now total supply is $200 million
  • A total of half Billion SHIB were burned and locked into dead wallets
  • Following the market’s decline, the algorithmic stablecoin UST, which is part of the Terra crypto ecosystem, is battling to maintain parity with the dollar


  • Another Bitcoin ETF have been approved by the SEC this time from Valkyrie but still it’s not a spot one…
  • South Africa based Sunshine Tour golf tournament will give to it winner a prize in BTC ⛳️🏌️‍♂️
  • Argentina’s central bank has banned banks from offering cryptocurrency services due to IMF pressure citing risks to users and the “financial system as a whole.”
  • In the first-ever bitcoin-only real estate 🏡 sale, an apartment in Braga, Portugal 🇵🇹 , was sold for 3 BTC without the need of a currency exchange in Euro
  • Google Cloud is building a team dedicated to Web3 support and development
  • Bentley University is now accepting cryptocurrencies for tuition payments
  • According to a report by NBC News an increasingly number of mothers in the US is embracing crypto to increase family’s incomes and savings


  • TheRealPLanC on Twitter described yesterday’s drop as The Bitcoin drop today was caused by macro (stock market) correlation which was amplified by the derivatives market (long liquidations). It had nothing to do with onchain data or BTC long-term fundamentals”
  • “Crypto man Ran” Ran Neuner stated that the Cardano ecosystem is lacking a fully working DEX, Cardano’s Hoskinson answered on twitter stating that this was “spreading misinformation” and platforms like Wingriders are fast, reliable and supporting a lot of volume
  • Crypto imfluencer Altcoin Sherpa said that SOL, MATIC, AVAX and LUNA are on the path of losing their support levels and if that happens those coins could fall much lower than current positions
  • Crypto Advisor Meltem Demirors thinks that Governments will try all they can to stop Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


  • Since the adoption of Ethereum Improvement Proposal in August last year about $6.3 billion worth of the Ethereum has been burned 🔥
  • Cardano will host two developer meetups in the next weeks in Barcelona and Austin, before its hard fork in June 🍴


  • Coinbase launched its NFT marketplace to the public after nearly seven months since the first announcement and 8.4 million emails grabbed from the waiting list, but the first day result were far from good, also due to the bloody market day, with only 150 transactions made worth “just” $75k
  • Chainalysis reported that NFTs marketplaces have generated $37B in value just in Q1 2022. The total volume during the whole 2021 was of $40B
  • Theta Labs will assist Sony in the launch of 3D NFTs that are compatible with Spatial Reality Displays.
  • Instagram may enable NFTs from Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow, according to Coindesk. The pilot’s announcement might happen as soon as Monday.


  • Game dev Untamed Planet has received $24.3 million in Series A funding to develop a full natural world in the metaverse 🌍


  • CryptoGaming coins are the ones suffered most during this downturn


  • Canaan, a Chinese cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturer, has been placed on the SEC’s pre-delisting list ❌ due to issues during the auditing process
  • The US Securities and Exchange Commission and leading GPU producer Nvidia have agreed a $5.5 million settlement.

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