Crypto Bulletpoint #5 – May 2nd 2022

Will crypto Market recover or will crash more? ApeCoin’s Yuga Labs vs Ethereum, Market continues to be uncertain, NEAR humiliate a hacker, CRO falling after failing its users and much more…

📉Market Movers 📈

  • Bitcoin during the first hours of Monday is testing the $39k trying to keep higher positions but then failed and fluctuated in the $38k area. 🧱
  • Ethereum display some critical bullish 💪🏼 signals but is still on the $2.8k zone, far away from the $3k level that would be a turning point
  • FTM and NEAR are leading the awakening of the Altcoins during the early morning session 🛌
  • AVAX exits top 10 passed by BUSD, UST and DOGE🔟

📰Today’s News📰

  • Canadian Assets management Firm 3iQ could be the first to launch Australian crypto ETF but still no launch date were given🇨🇦
  • the NEAR Protocol Rainbow Bridge was attacked and according to Aurora Labs’ CEO Alex Shevchenko no assets were stolen but rather the attacker even lost some money 😹, well done NEAR!
  • For the fourth month in a row the installation of Bitcoin ATMs 🏧has been significantly dropped
  • SHIB burning portal saw more $700+ Million gone in the past 24 hours 🔥
  • Mining company Bitfarms reported that it now had 5,646 BTC in custody, worth roughly $220 million.
  • Mark Cuban proposed DOGE as part of a solution to improve Twitter Ads 🐕‍🦺
  • DogeCoin transaction fees are at lowest point as a transaction of 2.69 million DOGE costs just 0.00226 DOGE
  • Algorand Network became the official blockchain technology partner of the FIFA World Cups in Qatar in 2022 and Australia and New Zealand in 2023.⚽️


  • Australian 🦘 crypto exchange BTC Markets has partnered with the 2022 Australian Fashion Week by creating tokenized NFT Dress
  • New York based high end gyms 🏋️‍♀️Equinox is set to start accepting cryptocurrencies soon thanks to a partnership with crypto payment processor BitPay
  • bitcoin startup Hoeski has announced a pre-launch cooperation with Ledn, a financial services firm, to provide retail investors with loan and proof-of-assets services.
  • A recent SEC filing by Tesla 🚙 is mentioning a possible usage of Digital Assets, the content of the filing is not revealed but what’s sure is that the direction of Elon Musk’s company is is straight forward on utilize the potential of digital assets for both investment and payments
  • After integrating with crypto payments network Alchemy Pay, VeChain is now accepted as payment in over two million stores around the world
  • Argentinian banks Banco Galicia and Brubank 🏦 just added crypto trading into their platforms
  • The state of Rhode Island has proposed cryptocurrency incentives for green home builders


  • ⁉️Web3 cybersecurity providers, according to CEO Dyma Budorin of smart contract auditing firm Hacken, are failing the crypto business lacking transparency and accountability within market procedures thing that is influencing investor’s behavior
  • Virtual Reality sculptor Joshua Skirtich 🗿believes that NFTs are going to democratize imagination
  • Crypto market analyst Peter Brandt believes that the downside target for BTC is $28k 📉
  • Billionaire Ricardo Salinas fire back to Buffet with a tweet: “It’s sad to see him rambling on about a suubject he clearly does not understand. That’s why the future ALLWAYS belong to the young and not the OLD.”👴🏼
  • Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Mike McGlone thinks that Solana, Bitcoin and generally the whole crypto market trend will go to the upside by the year’s end🗓


  • OpenSea 🌊 just set a new daily Ethereum trading record of $476 million


  • Square Enix is selling some of their assets including 3 sub-companies and Tomb Rider for $300M that will be used to develop and publish NFTs and Blockchain based games 👾


  • Nothing happened here today….. 😶

🆕New Projects🆕

  • ✌️Global Income Coin is a cryptocurrency that is run by a non-profit organization. They’ve raised $2 million to establish a new coin, GLO not a stablecoin, that will potentially offer a Universal Basic Income of $1 per day to every human on the planet … learn more at

🛠Tools & Links

Today suggested Tool is Lunar Crush, it’s a cryptocurrencies social intelligence platform that “collects activity across social media for bitcoin, thousands of alts and exchanges, as well as what influencers are posting, and distills it into bitesize, digestible chunks”, you will be bale to find new coins opportunities and trends in really no time… try it out

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