Crypto Bulletpoint #3 – April 29th 2022

TGIF, the last Friday of the month means… Options Expiration Day! But did the Crypto market cared about it? absolutely not… 😫

📉Market Movers 📈

  • NEXO jumped 15% after being listed on Binance to back on early positions after few hours
  • Bitcoin touched $40k but was rejected right away 
  • During a wild 24 hours, futures tracking ApeCoin’s APE 🙉 tokens lost roughly $36 million in liquidations
  • Its the last Friday of the month, that means… Option Expiration
  • Ethereum .eth Domain Name Sales increase 2,300% 👩‍💻
  • Polkadot buying volume keep falling as bear market hits interest over DOT 
  • Apecoin’s 🙊 24-hour trade volume currently ranks fourth after Tether, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, according to Coinmarketcap
  • Fantom looks like it’s trading on shaky grounds after losing a vital support area of $0.96, FTM can fall until $0.65 if bearish trend continues 
  • The Federal Reserve 🏦 is likely to raise rates by half percentage point sometimes next week 🤢
  • 🥱On April 29, Bitcoin (BTC) plummeted into the Wall Street open as US markets opened to volatility, including an 11% plunge in Amazon stock
  • Zilliqa ZIL was one of the worse top100 performers on April losing 63% in just a month 
  • Withdrawals on the Solana (SOL) network have been temporarily halted, according to Binance. ❌
  • AVAX lost more than 30% during the mont of April
  • Bitcoin failed to stay above the $39k line and closed the day around  the $38.7-38.9k area, most of alt coin on a loss over the daily 

📰Today’s News📰

  • Cryptocurrency trading and hedge move from Singapore to Dubai chasing more crypto friendly environments
  • Edward Snowden is John Dobbertin, the final pseudonymous individual who helped build the privacy coin Zcash ZEC, at least according to Zcash Media 
  • The mayor of New York 🏙 , Eric Adams, is pushing for the cancellation of the stringent BitLicense system for bitcoin exchanges, which he claims is suffocating innovation and economic progress
  • U.S. Labor Department seriously concerned over Fidelity Investments proposal that would enable clients to put Bitcoin into their 401(k) plans
  • Tony Blair and Bill Clinton talking cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a panel at Crypto Bahamas 
  • Eth2 deposit contract now holds 10% of the circulating ETH supply
  • Binance has blocked the crypto accounts of Russian government relatives 🛑
  • Binance has suspended the lending function of Apecoin (APE) due to excess demand
  • To prevent front-running and insider trading 📈, Coinbase is modifying its listing procedures.
  • Coinbase started to offer custody services for BFC, C98, DODO, MTL, PROM and REEF
  • Samsung Asset Management is reportedly going to list a blockchain ETF on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange soon
  • CoinMarketcap in an Among Us style Twitter post asking who is the impostor among all Crypto mentioned that  XRP was the impostor because it doesn’t have the qualities of a real cryptocurrency🫵


  • Panama 🇵🇦 is following El Salvador’s lead in adopting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as the XDC Network as legal tender.
  • With yet another digital yuan giveaway of 15M digital yuan China’s central bank is continuing to test its central bank digital currency 🇨🇳 
  • DappRadar’s report states that US crypto adoption is still high despite global financial crisis and market fears 😷
  • Switzerland’s 🇨🇭 National Bank refuses to hold Bitcoin as they “do not believe bitcoin meets the requirements of currency reserves” 👎🏼
  • Fast Food chain Welly has announced that the community behind the  meme coin Shiba Inu will have a 15% ownership stake in its business 🍔


  • Roger Vet back on Twitter and said DOGE is the real BTC competitor 🥹
  • 🚀Bitcoin has reached “escape velocity” according to SkyBridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci as the number of holders might exceed a billion in the next three to four years.
  • Bitcoin’s correlation with stocks has risen to alarming levels, according to many analysts 
  • Anatoly Yakovenko says that Bitcoin will eventually see a big portion of its users migrate to other platforms unless it switches to a proof-of-stake mechanism 🚪

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