Crypto Bulletpoint #13 – May 12th/13th

More Crypto Blood to come… Follow today’s hottest (and bloodiest) Crypto and Blockchain news

📉Market Movers 📈

  • The crypto’s connection with Nasdaq has reached a new all-time high, indicating that Bitcoin has become increasingly linked to the US stock market.
  • Tether USDT regains stability after burning 3 billion tokens in the face of redemptions.
  • Bitcoin has dropped to the $25,000 support level during the past 24hrs and is presently breaking above the important $30,000 zone
  • Ethereum after touching the $1660 area is now trading back at $3100 after passing the $3k resistance following BTC growth trend
  • The majority of trading pairs tied to the TerraUSD UST will be delisted by Binance (BTC/UST, LUNA/UST, ETH/UST, BNB/UST, and UST/USDT)

📰Today’s News📰

  • Chile puts CBDC plans on hold until end of 2022 to undertake more analysis
  • Ethereum whales have been exchanging a massive amount of Ethereum, the most in a single day since January
  • Elon Must posted on twitter that “DOGE has potential as a currency”
  • Binance, ByBit and eToro delisted LUNA
  • It’s a lazy world: Many insertions in Alibaba’s second-hand marketplace offer running services for StepN users to earn cryptocurrency GMT in exchange for cash commissions
  • GAM Holding, a Swiss conglomerate, is said to offer assistance to Terra and its deteriorating ecosystem, the two organizations are currently considering the possibility of a $3 billion investment to restore UST and the entire ecosystem.
  • Terra’s LUNA, UST Relisted On Binance As New Data Reveals Movement Of LFG’s Bitcoin ReservesIn a recent statement, Do Kwon expresses his “heartbreak” and asserts that no UST or LUNA were sold during the crisisCoinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange, reported a massive disruption in the midst of crypto prices dropping


  • Despite the current market dip, Brian Armstrong, the founder and CEO of Coinbase, is hopeful about the future of crypto assets
  • Billionaire Bill Miller is bullish about crypto despite the recent crash, during an interview he said that “I’ve been through at least three declines of over 80%. I own it as an insurance policy against financial catastrophe, I haven’t heard a good argument yet why anybody shouldn’t put at least 1% of their liquid net worth in bitcoin.”

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