Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Addiction, what’s that?

There are alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and all kinds of dangerous things out there that one can become addicted to. According to many psychologists, cryptocurrencies should be added to this list. Unlike gambling, most people are unaware of the risks involved. Constant access to cryptocurrency trading through smartphones and computers also increases the danger because it […]

Terra Luna and UST armageddon, the sad faith of the Terra Ecosystem

LUNA has now lost almost 100 percent of its market value, while UST after hitting a low of $0.17 seems hard to be approaching the peg threshold again. The road however for the entire Terra ecosystem is still a long way off, and the entire market is totally shaken by this affair. There is still […]

What’s Bitcoin Halving and why it’s important?

Halving refers to a scheduled event following which the reward allocated to Bitcoin miners for mining new blocks on the cryptocurrency’s blockchain is halved. To make it even simpler, it means that miners receive 50% less Bitcoin for verifying transactions using their own computing power. Given that Bitcoin halvings are scheduled to occur once every […]