Crypto Bulletpoint #15 – May 16th

Another week in Crypto and the bankers are talking Bitcoin in El Salvador 📉Market Movers 📈 Bitcoin closed its 7th weekly red candle straight The circulating quantity of Terra’s LUNA has increased by approximately 1.9 million percent in the previous seven days after losing 100% of its value The Bitcoin Dominance Rate (BTCD) has broken […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #14 – Weekend Edition 14th-15th May

Is this a recovery weekend or more blood ahead? well the weekend was greener than expected, but still folks be careful on the days ahead… 📉Market Movers 📈 The weekend started red as BTC is trading in the lower-mid $29k region and ETH on the low $2k area fighting to keep support The weekend ended […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #13 – May 12th/13th

More Crypto Blood to come… Follow today’s hottest (and bloodiest) Crypto and Blockchain news 📉Market Movers 📈 The crypto’s connection with Nasdaq has reached a new all-time high, indicating that Bitcoin has become increasingly linked to the US stock market. Tether USDT regains stability after burning 3 billion tokens in the face of redemptions. Bitcoin […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #12 – May 11th

The Day after the Crypto Armageddon, The Luna and UST road to ruin 📉Market Movers 📈 BTC seems to be weak during the first trading hours of the day and is failing to regain the $32k line It seems like UST will need some more time to get back to $1 as it retraced again […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #11 – May 10th

Terra Luna and the Lost Peg Armageddon, What a Monday!!!! the crypto market is completely on its knees after a 3 days of crypto blood, is the worse passed or still to come? Read the most important news happened in one of the most difficult days in Crypto History… 📉Market Movers 📈 LUNA trades at […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #10 – May 9th 2022

The Crypto Weekend was bloody as hell! 📉Market Movers 📈 Almost US$250 billion has been wiped from the cryptocurrency market since last week, Bitcoin and other crypto are touching lowest levels since the first weeks of the year. BTC Fear and Greed Index is now at 11, Extreme Fear On the early hours of Monday […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #9 – May 6th 2022

Will the Crypto Bleeding stop? 📉Market Movers 📈 The trading day started with a lot of blood on the crypto floor, all major coins including Bitcoin are following Nasdaq’s 🌋 worst performance since COVID crash in 2020 Web3 infrastructure token GAL Project Galaxy grew 20%+ after get listed on Coinbase and Binance Bitcoin fell below […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #8 – May 5th 2022

It was just another bad day at the office… BTC had the biggest daily drop since January, Terra grabs further $1.5B in BTC, and many more bloody crypto news happened today… 📉Market Movers 📈 Early morning Bitcoin and Crypto market in general keep positive vibes after yesterday’s Fed announcement While waiting BTC and ETH most […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #7 – May the 4th 2022

May The 4th (And The Force…) Be with you Crypto HODLers! 📉Market Movers 📈 The Fed is likely to raise the federal funds rate by 50 basis points (bp) at its May 4th, 2022 meeting APE pumped and then dumped after Elon Musk NFT Twitter profile CRV up 15% in the past 24hrs and is […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #6 – May 3rd 2022

What’s going on today in the Crypto World? Square Enix sold Tomb Raider to invest into Blockchain Games, Whales are buying but market is sinking, Solana puts a patch, CryptoCom rethinks about Reward cuts and much more! 📉Market Movers 📈 CRO seems to rebound after losing 30% of its value in just a day 🥎 […]