Review of MonoDX

Hello Everyone !!! Today we are going to talk about the MonoDX Company. It is an online platform with automated bots for cryptocurrency trading. Simply put, the development team has made an automated system that analyzes the cryptocurrency market with artificial intelligence and helps you profit. I will use phrases, information, pictures, links and data from […]

Ditok launched the first blockchain short video platform with socialFi concept to solve monopoly of short video leading market

DiTok launched the first blockchain short video platform with socialFi, using decentralized technology to build a safe, efficient, autonomous, stable and economical short video platform. Users can earn tokens while lying at home, swiping phones and short videos. DiTok has officially opened the global public beta,all participants can download the App by searching “DiTok” from […]

Bitcoin and Crypto Trading Addiction, what’s that?

There are alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and all kinds of dangerous things out there that one can become addicted to. According to many psychologists, cryptocurrencies should be added to this list. Unlike gambling, most people are unaware of the risks involved. Constant access to cryptocurrency trading through smartphones and computers also increases the danger because it […]

Preamble of EazyEX Cryptocurrency Exchange

EazyEX is a prominent digital asset trading platform established in May 2020 and headquartered in Estonia. It has obtained robust global reputation in successfully operating trading services while fully abiding to regulations globally. It emphasizes the framework of De-centralized Finance (DeFi), facilitating a full-fledged capital market by providing peer-to-peer alternatives against traditional financial institutions, making […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #16 – May 17th-18th

Another day in the crypto-verse… 📉Market Movers 📈 Nothing has happened yet… 🤖 📰Today’s News📰 Coinbase, America’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has made Web3 application capabilities, including a hot wallet and browser, available to a select group of its mobile app customers. Terra’s Do Kwon may be called to testify before Korean authorities about the UST-LUNA […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #15 – May 16th

Another week in Crypto and the bankers are talking Bitcoin in El Salvador 📉Market Movers 📈 Bitcoin closed its 7th weekly red candle straight The circulating quantity of Terra’s LUNA has increased by approximately 1.9 million percent in the previous seven days after losing 100% of its value The Bitcoin Dominance Rate (BTCD) has broken […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #14 – Weekend Edition 14th-15th May

Is this a recovery weekend or more blood ahead? well the weekend was greener than expected, but still folks be careful on the days ahead… 📉Market Movers 📈 The weekend started red as BTC is trading in the lower-mid $29k region and ETH on the low $2k area fighting to keep support The weekend ended […]

Terra Luna and UST armageddon, the sad faith of the Terra Ecosystem

LUNA has now lost almost 100 percent of its market value, while UST after hitting a low of $0.17 seems hard to be approaching the peg threshold again. The road however for the entire Terra ecosystem is still a long way off, and the entire market is totally shaken by this affair. There is still […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #13 – May 12th/13th

More Crypto Blood to come… Follow today’s hottest (and bloodiest) Crypto and Blockchain news 📉Market Movers 📈 The crypto’s connection with Nasdaq has reached a new all-time high, indicating that Bitcoin has become increasingly linked to the US stock market. Tether USDT regains stability after burning 3 billion tokens in the face of redemptions. Bitcoin […]

Crypto Bulletpoint #12 – May 11th

The Day after the Crypto Armageddon, The Luna and UST road to ruin 📉Market Movers 📈 BTC seems to be weak during the first trading hours of the day and is failing to regain the $32k line It seems like UST will need some more time to get back to $1 as it retraced again […]